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Verbindungstechniken für neue Materialien

Prüfung von Verbindungseigenschaften
: Wanner, Martin-Christoph; Henkel, Knuth-Michael

Landestechnologieanzeiger (2006), Nr.4, S.18
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Fügeverfahren; Verbindungstechnik; Konstruktion; Kunststoff

The modern production engineering is affected by the quest for more functional and more efficient constructions. More specific requirements for impermeability and low temperature permanence extend the functional range. Due to the evolution of new materials, for example plastics as well as the design of new constructions as mixed structures, which represent seldom classically weldable material combinations, a demand exists at the development and qualification of new joining procedures. The adhesive and mechanical joining technologies belong to these procedures. For the realization of the made requirements a new, extensively equipped technical school with various labs, test and measure locations is available. The available test benches allow the investigation of the quasi-static dynamic strength of small and large structures up to 1.8 m height and ±1 MN dynamic load. Various sensor and measuring systems enable a broad spectrum of investigations, include the seal function and examination of specific qualities under low temperature down to -180 °C.