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Interaktive Planung von Fertigungseinrichtungen

: Wanner, Martin-Christoph; Czarnietzki, Reiner

Landestechnologieanzeiger (2006), Nr.3, S.5
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Planungstisch; Interaktive Planung; Fertigungsanlage

The planning of maritime manufacturing plants is very complex due to different boundary conditions. A rapidly changing database (product, process) causes planning uncertainties, the rising innovation speed with the production technologies increases the expenditure for an objective proof of a good result of planning. A new quality in planning of maritime manufacturing plants can be achieved with the new tool of a 3D planning environment. The planning expenditure has to be reduced by the adjustment and improvement of an interactive, team-based, multimedia planning tool. Planning takes place with the help of a close-to-reality representation of the production area as virtual world. Such tool was developed by Fraunhofer-AGP in the last year and further developed for the shipbuilding industry.