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Safe space sharing human-robot cooperation using a 3D time-of-flight camera

: Winkler, Bernd

Robotic Industries Association, Ann Arbor/Mich.; Automated Imaging Association; Motion Control Association -MCA-, Ann Arbor/Mich.:
International Robots & Vision Show. CD-ROM : Technical Conference Proceedings. June 12-14, 2007, Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois, USA
Rosemont, 2007
8 S.
Technical Conference "Robots & Vision Show" <2007, Rosemont/Ill.>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Mensch-Roboter-Kooperation; time-of-flight; human - robot; 3D-Kamera; photonic mixer device (PMD); Roboter; Sensor

The system presented is capable of avoiding collisions caused by robot motion between objects, respectively, humans and the robot. To acquire geometric information from the scene a fast 3D time-of-flight camera and the robot joint angle information is used. The acquired scene, data is filtered and the foreground objects are extracted. The robot representation in the range data is identified by comparing the actual robot pose given by an online model with the range data from the camera. The data left after robot suppression is evaluated against safety rules using hardware accelerated intrusion detection and a statistical evaluation.