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Risk management of disruptive events in supply chains

White paper
: Kiebler, Lorenz; Ebel, Dietmar; Klink, Philipp; Sardesai, Saskia


Dortmund: Fraunhofer IML, 2020, 20 S.
Fraunhofer IML ()
risk management; disruptive events; supply chain risk management; preventive risk management

The importance of disruptive events for supply chains will continue to increase in the future. In this context, the primarily focused threats are shifting especially in the direction of cyber-attacks, increased and sometimes more severe natural catastrophes, major IT-related disruptions and terrorist attacks. These changing and increasing disruptive risks are countered on the risk management side by new technologies, methods and concrete solutions. Within the preparation of this whitepaper, experts and decision-makers from industry and commerce as well as external knowledge carriers were involved in order to obtain the most comprehensive and cross-sectoral view possible on the topic of disruptive risks. Based on these interviews, the four fields of action for companies and supply chains - risk awareness, transparency, flexibility and cooperation - were identified. Current deficits in the instruments, methods and procedures used were identified and areas in which there is an open requirement for action were derived. In relation to these fields of action, technology-based approaches and solutions are presented that can help to master the existing challenges.