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Predictive Analytics and AI in Governance: Data-driven government in a free society

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and algorithmic decision-making in government from a liberal perspective
: Thapa, Basanta E.P.
: Feierabend, Dieter

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Brüssel: ELF, 2019, 58 S.
ISBN: 978-3-200-06555-0
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Data-driven government, meaning the use of technologies like data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic decision-making for policymaking and public administration, offers advantages as well as challenges for a free society. Possible benefits include more efficient and convenient delivery of public services as well as better-informed policymaking with predictive analytics, policy simulations, and real-time early warning systems. Challenges, specifically from a liberal perspective, encompass the autonomy of citizens and civil servants, the accountability of algorithmic systems and privacy.