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Flow photochemistry as a tool in organic synthesis

: Rehm, Thomas H.

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Chemistry. A European journal 26 (2020), Nr.71, S.16952-16974
ISSN: 0947-6539
ISSN: 1521-3765
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Photochemical transformations of molecular building blocks have become an important and widely recognized research field in the past decade. Detailed and deep understanding of novel photochemical catalyst and reaction concepts with visible light as energy source enabled a broad application portfolio for synthetic organic chemistry. In parallel, continuous flow chemistry and microreaction technology became the basis for thinking and doing chemistry in a novel fashion with clear focus on improved process control for higher conversion and selectivity. As can be seen by the large number of scientific publications on flow photochemistry in the recent past, both research topics have found each other as exceptionally well‐suited counterpart with high synergy by combining chemistry and technology. This review will give an overview on selected reaction classes, which represent important photochemical transformations in synthetic organic chemistry, and which benefit from mild and defined process conditions by the transfer from batch to continuous flow mode.