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Mechanical properties of a unidirectional basalt-fiber/expoxy composite

: Plappert, David; Ganzenmüller, Georg; May, Michael; Beisel, Samuel

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Journal of composites science 4 (2020), Nr.3, Art. 101, 12 S.
ISSN: 2504-477X
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basalt fibers; natural fibers; polymer-matrix composites (PMCs); mechanical properties; mechanical testing

High-performance composites based on basalt fibers are becoming increasingly available. However, in comparison to traditional composites containing glass or carbon fibers, their mechanical properties are currently less well known. In particular, this is the case for laminates consisting of unidirectional plies of continuous basalt fibers in an epoxy polymer matrix. Here, we report a full quasi-static characterization of the properties of such a material. To this end, we investigate tension, compression, and shear specimens, cut from quality autoclave-cured basalt composites. Our findings indicate that, in terms of strength and stiffness, unidirectional basalt fiber composites are comparable to, or better than epoxy composites made from E-glass fibers. At the same time, basalt fiber composites combine low manufacturing costs with good recycling properties and are therefore well suited to a number of engineering applications.