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Preparation and Compatibilization of PBS/Whey Protein Isolate Based Blends

: Coltelli, Maria-Beatrice; Aliotta, Laura; Gigante, Vito; Bellusci, Maria; Cinelli, Patrizia; Bugnicourt, Elodie; Schmid, Markus; Staebler, Andreas; Lazzeri, Andrea

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Molecules 25 (2020), Nr.14, Art. 3313, 15 S.
ISSN: 1420-3049
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In this paper the production of biopolymeric blends of poly(butylene succinate) PBS and plasticized whey protein (PWP), obtained from a natural by-product from cheese manufacturing, has been investigated for the production of films and/or sheets. In order to add the highest possible whey protein content, different formulations (from 30 to 50 wt.%) were studied. It was found that by increasing the amount of PWP added to PBS, the mechanical properties were worsened accordingly. This trend was attributed to the low compatibility between PWP and PBS. Consequently, the effect of the addition of soy lecithin and glycerol monostearate (GMS) as compatibilizers was investigated and compared to the use of whey protein modified with oleate and laurate groups obtained by Schotten-Baumann reaction. Soy lecithin and the Schotten-Baumann modified whey were effective in compatibilizing the PWP/PBS blend. In fact, a significant increase in elastic modulus, tensile strength and elongation at break with respect to the not compatibilized blend was observed and the length of aliphatic chains as well as the degree of modification of the Schotten–Baumann proteins affected the results. Moreover, thanks to DSC investigations, these compatibilizers were also found effective in increasing the PBS crystallinity.