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Harnessing NK cell checkpoint-modulating immunotherapies

: Chauhan, Sachin Kumar Singh; Koehl, Ulrike; Klöß, Stephan

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Cancers 12 (2020), Nr.7, Art. 1807, 38 S.
ISSN: 2072-6694
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NK cell; Cancer immunotherapy; immune checkpoint costimulatory; immune therapeutics; inhibitory immune checkpoint; modulatory immune checkpoint

During the host immune response, the precise balance of the immune system, regulated by immune checkpoint, is required to avoid infection and cancer. These immune checkpoints are the mainstream regulator of the immune response and are crucial for self-tolerance. During the last decade, various new immune checkpoint molecules have been studied, providing an attractive path to evaluate their potential role as targets for effective therapeutic interventions. Checkpoint inhibitors have mainly been explored in T cells until now, but natural killer (NK) cells are a newly emerging target for the determination of checkpoint molecules. Simultaneously, an increasing number of therapeutic dimensions have been explored, including modulatory and inhibitory checkpoint molecules, either causing dysfunction or promoting effector functions. Furthermore, the combination of the immune checkpoint with other NK cell-based therapeutic strategies could also strengthen its efficacy as an antitumor therapy. In this review, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of the literature to date regarding underlying mechanisms of modulatory and inhibitory checkpoint molecules.