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Correlia: An ImageJ plug-in to co-register and visualise multimodal correlative micrographs

: Rohde, Florens; Braumann, Ulf-Dietrich; Schmidt, Matthias

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Journal of microscopy (2020), Online First, 9 S.
ISSN: 0022-2720
ISSN: 1365-2818
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correlative microscopy; Correlia; image registration; ImageJ Fiji

The correlation of different microscopic imaging techniques alongside with microanalytical methods is crucial to better understand biological processes on a subcellular level. For that, micrographs and chemical maps exhibiting both, very different spatial resolution and field-of-view but also a highly multimodal content has to be co-registered. We developed the ImageJ/Fiji plug-in Correlia that provides an environment for handling multimodal correlative microscopy data. Several linear and nonlinear registration methods using either feature or area-based similarity measures can flexibly be cascaded to align and warp 2D microscopy data sets. The registration of data sets containing light- and electron micrographs as well as chemical maps acquired by secondary-ion mass spectroscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy is demonstrated. Correlia is an open-source tool developed particularly for the registration and analysis of highly multimodal 2D correlative microscopy data.
Lay Description: If a microscopic object is imaged correlatively by two or more different microscopes the acquired micrographs will have to be overlaid accurately using an image-registration software. In cases of relatively similar image content creating such an overlay is straight-forward but what if the fields-of-view and resolutions of the micrographs differ significantly? What if there are distortions in a micrograph which have to be corrected before creating an overlay? What if furthermore a chemical map shall be overlaid that merely shows regions in which a certain chemical element is present? The rapidly increasing number of applications in correlative microscopy is calling for an easy-to-use and flexible image registration software that can deal with these challenges. Having that in mind, we developed Correlia, an ImageJ/Fiji plug-in that provides an environment for handling multimodal 2D correlative microscopy data-sets. It allows for creating overlays using different registration algorithms that can flexibly be cascaded. In this paper we describe what is happening ‘under the hood’ and give two example data-sets from microbiology which were registered using Correlia. Correlia is open source software and available from - including introductory examples, as the authors would like to encourage other scientists to process their individual correlative microscopy data using Correlia.