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Flip-Chip Integration of InP to SiN Photonic Integrated Circuits

: Theurer, M.; Moehrle, M.; Sigmund, A.; Velthaus, K.-O.; Oldenbeuving, R.M.; Wevers, L.; Postma, F.M.; Mateman, R.; Schreuder, F.; Geskus, D.; Wörhoff, K.; Dekker, R.; Heideman, R.G.; Schell, M.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 38 (2020), Nr.9, S.2630-2636
ISSN: 0733-8724
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We present our hybrid InP to SiN TriPleX integration interface with a novel alignment technique and its application to complex photonic integrated circuits. The integration interface comprises vertical alignment stops, which simplify the alignment process and allow for array integration with the same simplicity as for single dies. Horizontal alignment is carried out by utilizing optical backscatter reflectometry to get an active feedback signal without the need to operate the chip. Thus, typical contacting limitations of active flip-chip alignment are overcome. By using this method, we demonstrate the integration of InP DFB lasers with more than 60 mW of optical power coupled to a SiN waveguide with an averaged coupling loss of -2.1 dB. The hybrid integration process is demonstrated for single dies as well as full arrays. We evaluate the feasibility of the assembly process for complex photonic integrated circuits by integrating an InP gain chip to a SiN TriPleX external cavity. The process proves to be well suited and allows monitoring chip quality during assembly. A fully functional hybrid integrated tunable laser is fabricated, which is capable of full C-band tuning with optical output power of up to 60 mW.