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Development of air-hardening martensitic forging steels

: Gramlich, A.; Schmiedl, T.; Schönborn, S.; Melz, T.; Bleck, W.


Materials Science and Engineering, A. Structural materials, properties, microstructure and processing 784 (2020), Art.139321
ISSN: 0921-5093
ISSN: 1873-4936
Fraunhofer LBF ()

A new alloy design for air-hardening forging steels has been investigated. Five laboratory melts with C contents between 0.15 and 0.19 wt.−% and a Mn content of 4 wt.−% distinguished by their Al (0.03/0.50), Ti (-/0.02), B (-/0.005), Mo (-/0.20) contents have been laboratory casted and forged into rectangular blocks with a cross section of 60 x 60 mm. After air cooling the tensile test properties, the Charpy toughness and the fatigue properties have been determined and compared to a Q+T steel as reference material. While the static mechanical properties are comparable to the reference grade, a small decrease in toughness and a significant increase in fatigue strength have been obtained. These findings are discussed with respect to the role of the individual alloying elements and their impact on microstructure and precipitation state.