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Guided ultrasonic wavefield cross-correlation with a curved array for high-resolution plate inspection

: Nguyen, L.T.; Saenger, E.H.

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Journal of geophysics and engineering : JGE 17 (2020), Nr.3, S.451-462
ISSN: 1742-2132
ISSN: 1742-2140
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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We present in this work an ultrasonic imaging technique based on wavefield cross-correlation that has potential for high-resolution inspecting of plates and plate-like structures. A curved transmit/receive array setup is used for acquiring wide-aperture waveform data beneficial for applying the presented imaging condition. An additional dispersion analysis using waveform data received by a linear array allows one to reveal the excited guided wave modes and possibly determine the shear wave velocity as an input parameter in the 3D wavefield simulation. Using synthetic but realistic data generated by realistic 3D simulations, we demonstrate the invariance of the time reversal process and the capability of the presented imaging approach for ultrasonic testing based on Lamb waves. In addition to the ability to localise and size multiple defects simultaneously, this imaging approach does not require baseline data and involves only minimal waveform data pre-processing.