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Experimental and numerical investigation of the transition zone of locally steel-reinforced joining areas under combined tension-bending loading

: Petersen, E.; Koord, J.; Völkerink, O.; Stefaniak, D.; Hühne, C.

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Journal of composite materials : JCM 54 (2020), Nr.17, S.2339-2352
ISSN: 0021-9983
ISSN: 1530-793X
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In modern lightweight structures, the use of fasteners is preferred to other joining techniques. An approach to increase the bearing strength is the local metal hybridisation, where carbon fibre-reinforced plastics layers are substituted locally by metal foils of the same thickness. The local replacement leads to a transition zone between the hybrid region and the pure carbon fibre-reinforced plastics region. The present work deals with the investigation of different transition zone patterns of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics-steel hybrid specimens in combined tension–bending tests and accompanying non-linear static simulation. The simulation includes delamination and intralaminar damage with the use of a cohesive zone model and Cuntze’s failure mode concept. Furthermore, residual thermal stresses are considered. A satisfying agreement of test and simulation is achieved, which allows the identification of beneficial transition zone configurations and also validates the numerical model for further parametric studies.