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Non-destructive testing with magnetic resonance

: Hildenbrand, M.; Mörchel, P.

Reindl, L.M. ; Informationstechnische Gesellschaft -ITG-:
Sensoren und Messsysteme : Beiträge der 19. ITG/GMA-Fachtagung 26.-27. Juni 2018 in Nürnberg, CD-ROM
Berlin: VDE-Verlag, 2018 (ITG-Fachbericht 281)
ISBN: 978-3-8007-4683-5
ISBN: 3-8007-4683-2
ISBN: 978-3-8007-4866-2
Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme <19, 2018, Nürnberg>
Fraunhofer IIS ()

The potential of Magnetic Resonance (MR) is already proven in the laboratory environment, where small and portable devices are used for non-destructive testing. Recent improvement of these robust and maintenance free devices show high integration potential into the more demanding industrial environment. The exclusive access of MR to some material parameters and increased sensitivity of the latest technology development create new fields of research and application. MR is a future technology for non-destructive inline monitoring, which is evolving and shows high potential to establish itself between the other industrial used testing methods.