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Formation, TEM study and 3D reconstruction of the human erythrocyte peroxiredoxin-2 dodecahedral higher-order assembly

: Meissner, U.; Schröder, E.; Scheffler, D.; Martin, A.G.; Harris, J.R.


Micron 38 (2007), Nr.1, S.29-39
ISSN: 0047-7206
ISSN: 0968-4328
Fraunhofer IME ()

The production of a higher-order assembly of peroxiredoxin-2 (Prx-2) from human erythrocytes has been achieved during specimen preparation on holey carbon support films, in the presence of ammonium molybdate and polyethylene glycol. TEM study suggested that this assembly is a regular dodecahedron, containing 12 Prx-2 decamers (Mr 2.62 MDa, external diameter about 20 nm). This interpretation has been supported by production of a about 1.6 nm 3D reconstruction from the negative stain TEM data, with automated docking of the available X-ray data of the Prx-2 decamer. Comparison with other known protein dodecahedral and viral icosahedral structures indicates that this arrangement of protein molecules is one of the fundamental macromolecular higher-order assemblies found in biology. Widespread biotechnological interest in macromolecular "cage" structures is relevant to the production of the Prx-2 dodecahedron.