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Selective paint coatings for coloured solar absorbers: Polyurethane thickness insensitive spectrally selective (TISS) paints. Pt.II

: Orel, B.; Spreizer, H.; Vuk, A.S.; Fir, M.; Merlini, D.; Vodlan, M.; Köhl, M.


Solar energy materials and solar cells 91 (2007), Nr.2-3, S.108-119
ISSN: 0927-0248
Fraunhofer ISE ()

Red, green and blue paints were prepared for use as thickness insensitive spectrally selective (TISS) paint coatings for solar façade absorbers. The paints were composed of a polyurethane resin binder in which various pigments were incorporated in such a way that they formed stable paint dispersions, satisfying stability criteria for façade coatings. A low emittance of the paints was achieved by using low-emittance aluminium flake pigments combined with iron oxide (red coloured paints). Black pigment was added to adjust solar absorptance. Blue and green paints were made by the addition of coloured aluminium flake pigment and the solar absorptance was also adjusted by the addition of black pigment. Efficiency for photo-thermal conversion of solar radiation was assessed by evaluation of the corresponding performance criteria, which enabled the selection of paints whose performance criteria values were higher than 0 (spectrally non-selective black coating). The results confirmed that blue and green paints and to minor extent red ones, combined selectivity with colour. The morphology of the paints was assessed, revealing that the colours originated from the deposition of finely dispersed colour and/or black pigment on the surface of the aluminium flakes during paint preparation.