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Electric roads for the German climate protection strategy for freight transport? A review and synthesis of market diffusion and electrification studies

Paper presented at the 4th Electric Road Systems Conference, ERSC 2020, 12th of May 2020. ERSW2020 was instead held as a webinar
: Hacker, Florian; Plötz, Patrick; Jöhrens, Julius

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2020, 5 S.
Electric Road Systems Conference (ERSC) <4, 2020, Online>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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The contribution of overhead catenary-based (OC) trucks to the reduction of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions depends largely on the speed of market ramp-up and the achievable electric driving performance as well as the carbon intensity of the energy used. This contribution discusses and compares the methodological approaches and the results of three comprehensive studies on modelling the market ramp-up for Germany. It compares possible market ramp-up scenarios and their greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction potential, identifies key influencing variables and formulates recommendations for action for the market success of the technology, which can be derived from the study comparison. The results are put into the context of other possible technical options for the decarbonization of road freight transport.