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Forecasting residential electricity consumption: A bottom-up approach for Brazil by region

: Maçaira, Paula; Elsland, Rainer; Oliveira, Fernando C.; Souza, Reinaldo; Fernandes, Gláucia


Energy efficiency 13 (2020), Nr.5, S.911-934
ISSN: 1570-646X
ISSN: 1570-6478
Fraunhofer ISI ()
electricity consumption by region; residential sector; Brazil; bottom-up approach; analysis by geographical regions

In this paper, we forecast residential electricity consumption in Brazil considering the variability in consumption behavior in different regions. In order to do so, we use a bottom-up approach to estimate long-term electricity consumption that considers three technology-driven scenarios: one assuming reference efficiency development, another one based on the Brazilian government’s predictions, and the third one assuming high efficiency. The results show an increase of residential electricity consumption due to the increasing appliance ownership rate, especially air conditioning, as well as the increasing number of households. In addition, it is shown that 96 TWh of electricity could be saved in the highest efficiency scenario due to significant efficiency gains between 2016 and 2050. Further, the results indicate the southeast of the country has the highest potential for consumption reduction: by 27% in the most efficient scenario. This work is the first to use a bottom-up approach to forecast the residential electricity consumption by region and by technology-driven scenarios in Brazil. With this methodology, it is possible to indicate which types of appliances should be targeted by policy makers when designing energy efficiency incentives. Hence, this model can be used as a roadmap to achieve the desired efficiency gains in Brazil.