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Insights into the physics when modelling cold gas clouds in a hot plasma

: Sander, Bastian; Hensler, Gerhard


Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Letters 490 (2019), Nr.1, S.L52-L56
ISSN: 1745-3925 (Print)
ISSN: 1745-3933 (Online)
Fraunhofer IFF ()

This paper aims at studying the reliability of a few frequently raised, but not proven, arguments for the modelling of cold gas clouds embedded in or moving through a hot plasma and at sensitizing modellers to a more careful consideration of unavoidable acting physical processes and their relevance. At first, by numerical simulations we demonstrate the growing effect of self-gravity on interstellar clouds and, by this, moreover argue against their initial set-up as homogeneous. We apply the adaptive-mesh refinement code flash with extensions to metal-dependent radiative cooling and external heating of the gas, self-gravity, mass diffusion, and semi-analytic dissociation of molecules, and ionization of atoms. We show that the criterion of Jeans mass or Bonnor–Ebert mass, respectively, provides only a sufficient but not a necessary condition for self-gravity to be effective, because even low-mass clouds are affected on reasonable dynamical time-scales. The second part of this paper is dedicated to analytically study the reduction of heat conduction by a magnetic dipole field. We demonstrate that in this configuration, the effective heat flow, i.e. integrated over the cloud surface, is suppressed by only 32 per cent by magnetic fields in energy equipartition and still insignificantly for even higher field strengths.