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Mikrolaserbearbeitung - Prozessoptimierung der Mikrolaserstukturierung für Anwendungen im Werkzeug- und Formenbau

: Groß, S.

Chemnitz, 2007, 100 S.
Chemnitz, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2007
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Mikrostrukturierung; Laser-Mikrostrukturierung; Laserabtragen; Laserumschmelzen; Nd:YAG-Scheibenlaser; microstructuring; laser microstructuring; laser removal; laser remelting; Nd:YAG disk laser

The target of this diploma thesis is the investigation of the applicability of laser micro structuring, especially for the production of micro forming tools. In the experimental work, Nd:YAG - disk laser with 1064 nm and frequency-doubled with 532 nm wavelength were used. Predicates about the machining and the respective process parameters could be done by systematic experimental investigations as well as the consideration of the physical connections by the laser treatment, for the laser micro structuring. The special integration of CAD - data allows the production of complicated microstructure geometries too. A developed machine concept shows a proposal for a new design of a precision laser machine.