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A Dialogue between a Lawyer and Computer Scientist

The Evaluation of Knowledge Transformation from Legal Text to Computer-Readable Format
: Ramakrishna, S.; Górski, L.; Paschke, A.


Applied artificial intelligence 30 (2016), Nr.3, S.216-232
ISSN: 0883-9514
ISSN: 1087-6545
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

Involvement of a domain expert in domain knowledge modeling, for its use in an automated decision support system, has been a subject of interest in the last few decades. The process of knowledge creation and its transformation for further reasoning requires verification and validation. In this article, we provide details of the first approaches to a process that uses the well-known CQ-based evaluation methodology to identify and evaluate the process of legal-knowledge creation using SBVR-SE and its transformation to OWL 2. Thereby, it increases the legal practitioners confidence in using the created and transformed knowledge within a decision support system for deriving inferences for an in-court argumentation.