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Visual focus capturing for ambient assisted living

: Alić, Belmin; Verbunt, Martin

Nürnberg Messe:
Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2020 : It's a smarter world, Nuremberg, Germany, 25.-27.2.2020, CD-ROM
Haar: WEKA Fachmedien, 2020
ISBN: 978-3-645-50186-6
10 S.
Embedded World Exhibition & Conference <17, 2020, Nuremberg>
Fraunhofer IMS ()
visual focus; ambient assisted living; smart buildings; mind-controlled

In visual focus capturing for ambient assisted living an algorithm to obtain the visual focus of a person in order to perform mind-controlled service of devices is developed. The main target groups for which the solution is designed are elderly and disabled people; however, the algorithm may be applied to diverse scenarios including logistics, delivery, surgery and more. The work faces current trends and technologies for capturing the visual focus of a person and for mind-controlled building automation systems. The motivation of the work is to combine the two aforementioned fields and create a simple, cheap, efficient and offline system which is able not only to support the main target groups, but also a wide spectrum of other potential users in various application areas. A thorough research and concept verification have shown the optimum approach to be a brain-wave-reading headset combined with a camera module for sensing barcode tagged objects in the area of visual focus.