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Kinematics of the Lumbo-Pelvic Complex under Different Loading Conditions

: Weidling, Martin; Voigt, Christian; Wendler, Toni; Heilemann, Martin; Werner, Michael; Jarvers, Jan-Sven; Heyde, Christoph-E.

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Current directions in biomedical engineering 5 (2019), Nr.1, S.347-350
ISSN: 2364-5504
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range of motion; pelvis; spine; bone kinematics; experimental biomechanics

The lumbo-pelvic complex is a highly complex structural system. The current investigation aims to identify the kinematics between interacting bone segments under different loading conditions. A specimen of the lumbo-pelvic complex was obtained from a human body donor and tested in a self-developed test rig. The experimental setup was designed to imitate extension, flexion, right and left lateral bending and axial rotation to the left and to the right, respectively. The vertebra L3 was firmly embedded and load was introduced via hip joints. Using a digital image correlation (DIC) system, the 3D motions of 15 markers at different landmarks were measured for each loadcase undercyclic loading. For each loadcase, the kinematics were analyzed in terms of three-dimensional relative movements between L3 and the sacrum. The usefulness of the experimental technique was demonstrated. It may serve for further biomechanical investigations of relative motion of sacroiliac and vertebral joints and deformation of bony structures.