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A hash-based scheme for the protection of users' information in biometric systems

: Han, Qui; Li, Qiong; Gonzalez, Yuridia; Niu, Xiamu

Acta Electronica Sinica 33 (2005), Nr.12A, S.2331-2335
ISSN: 0372-2112
Fraunhofer IGD ()
biometric identification system; data protection; data security; Hash-function

The issue of the protection of users' biometric templates is an important part of the biometric system's security. A hash-based scheme for the protection of users' information is investigated from the point of view of one-way function. By involving an adaptive non-uniform quantizing template, the contradiction between the fuzziness of the biometric information and the sensitive of the hash function has been eliminated. Then a protecting scheme base on hash function is implemented which avoids the storage of users' biometric images or templates. The analysis of the quantizing template and the hash function demonstrates the security of the scheme, and the simulation shows the feasibility of the scheme.