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Hazard-driven realization views for Component Fault Trees

: Santiago Velasco Moncada, David

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Software and systems modeling 19 (2020), Nr.6, S.1465-1481
ISSN: 1619-1366
ISSN: 1619-1374
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Component Fault Trees; Component-based; Hazard-centric; Model-driven engineering; Realization view

Traditionally, the preferred means of documentation used by safety engineers have been sheets- and text-based solutions. However, in the last decades, the introduction of model-driven engineering in conjunction with Component-Based Design has been influencing the way safety engineers perform their tasks; especially in the area of fault analysis, model-driven approaches have been developed aimed at coupling fault trees with architecture models. Doing this fosters communication between engineers, may reduce design effort, and makes artifacts easier to maintain and reuse. In this paper, we want to move forward in this direction and take another step in the modeling of Component Fault Trees in combination with the modeling of the architecture design. We propose a hazard-centric approach for the definition of multiple realization views for fault analysis using Component Fault Trees. The approach is composed of a modeling method and a tool solution. We illustrate our approach with a real-life example from the automotive industry.