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The Biological Transformation of Industrial Manufacturing - Future Fields of Action in Bioinspired and Bio-based Production Technologies and Organization

: Miehe, Robert; Full, Johannes; Scholz, Patrick; Demmer, Axel; Bauernhansl, Thomas; Sauer, A.; Schuh, Günther

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Procedia manufacturing 39 (2019), S.737-744
ISSN: 2351-9789
International Conference on Production Research Manufacturing Innovation - Cyber Physical Manufacturing <25, 2019, Chicago/Ill.>
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Biointelligenz; biologische Transformation; Biotechnologie; Digitalisierung; Nachhaltigkeit

A more efficient use of natural resources is a main task for modern societies. It would both relieve our ecosystem and counteract societal challenges such as emerging resource conflicts. In order to keep up our wealth and well-being, new forms of value creation are needed. They will arise with the biological transformation of value creation, an approach that was systematically analyzed for the German manufacturing industry within the BIOTRAIN project for the first time. Based on a Delphi approach, 123 high-ranking experts were interviewed and workshops with more than 200 participants were conducted. In this paper, we outline potential fields of action for research and development. Thereby, we distinguish between three major domains: optimization solutions, based on bioinspired algorithms (e.g. evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence), which mainly affect product flows and production organization, the shift of exhausting, fossil to additive, bio-based manufacturing technologies as well as the development of biointelligent manufacturing cells, which will lead to a completely new form of value creation. The results presented here are the base for a comprehensive transformation program planned by the German government.