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Wireless Communication System, Base-Station and User-Side-Device

: Datta, Rohit; Heyn, Thomas; Rohde, Christian; Roth-Mandutz, Elke

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EP 3447936 A1: 20170822
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention refers to a wireless communication system (1). At least one user-side-device (2) and a base-station (3) communicate with each other via a satellite (4). The base-station (3) provides the at least one user-side-device (2) with a satellite-connecting-signal concerning an uplink towards the satellite (4). Based on the satellite-connecting-signal, a user-side-device (2) performs an prediction and/or adjustment with regard to a behavior and/or a rule over time and/or a frequency for a pre-compensation of at least one synchronization offset of an uplink connection. The invention also refers to a base-station, a user-side-device and a corresponding method.