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Wireless communication system and method for handling wireless communication enhancing handover

: Hassan Hussein, Khaled Shawky; Heyn, Thomas

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EP 3432642 A1: 20170721
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention refers to a wireless communication system (1) comprising a plurality of base-stations (2, 2', 2") covering different communication areas (3, 3', 3") and a coordinator unit (4). The coordinator unit (4) compiles an expectation list with at least one base-station (2, 2', 2") serving as a coordinated base-station (2, 2', 2") for a possible handover concerning a user equipment (10) based on information about the user equipment (10). The coordinator unite (4) provides the at least one base-station (2, 2', 2") of the expectation list with handover information concerning the possible handover. The at least one base-station (2, 2', 2") of the expectation list goes into an attention mode after receiving the handover information from the coordinator unit (4). The invention also refers to a corresponding method.