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Two different views on collision detection

: Ullrich, Torsten; Fünfzig, Christoph; Fellner, Dieter W.


IEEE Potentials 26 (2007), Nr.1, S.26-30
ISSN: 0278-6648
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computational geometry; virtual reality (VR); Collision Detection; image resolution

In this article, we present two algorithms for precise collision detection between two potentially colliding objects. The first one uses axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABB) and is a typical representative of a computational geometry algorithm. The second one uses spherical distance fields originating in image processing. Both approaches address the following challenges of collision detection algorithms: just in time, little resources, inclusive etc. Thus both approaches are scalable in the information they give in collision determination and the analysis up to a fixed refinement level, the collision time depends on the granularity of the bounding volumes and it is also possible to estimate the time bounds for the collision test tightly.