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R-Map: A Map metaphor for visualizing information reposting process in social media

: Chen, S.; Li, S.; Chen, S.; Yuan, X.


IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 26 (2020), Nr.1, S.1204-1214
ISSN: 1077-2626
Fraunhofer IAIS ()

We propose R-Map (Reposting Map), a visual analytical approach with a map metaphor to support interactive exploration and analysis of the information reposting process in social media. A single original social media post can cause large cascades of repostings (i.e., retweets) on online networks, involving thousands, even millions of people with different opinions. Such reposting behaviors form the reposting tree, in which a node represents a message and a link represents the reposting relation. In R-Map, the reposting tree structure can be spatialized with highlighted key players and tiled nodes. The important reposting behaviors, the following relations and the semantics relations are represented as rivers, routes and bridges, respectively, in a virtual geographical space. R-Map supports a scalable overview of a large number of information repostings with semantics. Additional interactions on the map are provided to support the investigation of temporal patterns and user behaviors in the information diffusion process. We evaluate the usability and effectiveness of our system with two use cases and a formal user study.