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Kinetic investigation of eggshell powders as biobased epoxy catalyzer

: Jaques, N.G.; Lima Souza, J.W. de; Popp, M.; Kolbe, J.; Lia Fook, M.V.; Ramos Wellen, R.M.


Composites. Part B, Engineering 183 (2020), Art. 107651
ISSN: 1359-8368
ISSN: 1879-1069
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Epoxy resins from bisphenol A of diglycidyl ether/anhydride methyl tetrahydrophthalic/2,4,6-tris dimethylaminomethyl phenol were prepared by mechanical mixing using a magnetic stirrer. Substitution of synthetic catalyzer by eggshell powders provided high performance biobased materials. Chemical character analysis of epoxy/eggshell carried out using dispersive energy spectrometry, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, acquired data indicated the eggshell membrane as a suitable catalyzer for the cross-linking reaction, due to the presence of amines, hydroxyl and sulfur that could participate in the cross-link reaction. The cure kinetics was investigated using differential scanning calorimetry and applying Ozawa, Kissinger, Friedman isoconversional, Málek, and Friedman model-based, where Málek and Friedman model-based presented the best fits to describe synthetic and biobased materials.