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Optimum management of power and energy in low voltage microgrids using evolutionary algorithms and energy storage

: Parol, M.; Wójtowicz, T.; Księżyk, K.; Wenge, C.; Balischewski, S.; Arendarski, B.


International journal of electrical power & energy systems 119 (2020), Art. 105886
ISSN: 0142-0615
Fraunhofer IFF ()

Microgrids are subsystems in which some loads and distributed energy resources are controlled in a coordinated manner. In recent years, microgrids have been proposed as a solution to enhance critical infrastructures’ resilience and the integration of distributed energy resources. There are many solutions on microgrid planning, as well as some practical experience on microgrids’ implementation. However, choosing microgrid optimal control strategy is strongly related to the individual structure, components and configuration of microgrid. Among others, the advantages of microgrids include improved energy efficiencies, minimized operating costs and improved environmental impacts. Achieving these targets necessitates optimal control of all energy components in the microgrid. Main contribution of this paper are two control strategies of power and energy management for synchronous microgrid operation, which have been analyzed for a specific low voltage microgrid configuration. The first strategy reduces power and energy losses, thus improving the entire microgrid system’s efficiency. The second minimizes operating costs. An evolutionary algorithm was developed to control the components of the microgrid, including e.g. micro-sources and energy storage. The method of technical and economic energy storage system sizing for microgrid optimal operation is also proposed.