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Assessment of fast-charging station locations - an integrated model based approach

: Heilig, Michael; Plötz, Patrick; Soylu, Tamer; Briem, Lars; Kagerbauer, Martin; Vortisch, Peter


Goulias, Konstadinos G. (Ed.):
Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2020
ISBN: 978-0-12-817340-4 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-12-817341-1
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charging infrastructure; fast charging; site-analysis; agent-based simulation; electric vehicles

The diffusion of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in Germany is a slow starter – also due to the range restrictions of vehicles associated with high vehicle cost and lacking charging infrastructure. To anticipate the diffusion of PEVs, building fast-charging infrastructure (> 100 kW) may overcome at least two of these issues. First, the range restrictions will become less of an issue by making it possible to charge cars in acceptable time. Second, the lack of charging infrastructure will decrease by building additional charging points. We developed a model-based approach to assess the future demand of fast-charging infrastructure (150 kW) relative to a given market diffusion of PEVs. Beside the charging demand, we also consider economic efficiency and spatial indicators. Our approach enables investors to assess the best charging locations and reduce the uncertainty of their investments.