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Active residential load management based on dynamic real time electricity price of carbon emission

: Zeng, W.; Appen, J. von; Selzam, P.; Sun, M.; Chen, B.; He, W.; Xu, N.

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Energy Procedia 152 (2018), S.1027-1032
ISSN: 1876-6102
Applied Energy Symposium and Forum "Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems" (CUE) <2018, Shanghai>
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Rooftop photovoltaic, residential energy storage and other distributed power sources are put into operation on a large scale at the power user side, providing energy support for the electricity demand. The demand response mechanism has become an indispensable and important resource for the stable operation of the power grid. In the current power grid with high proportion of renewable energy (RE), due to the existing electricity market lacking the effective interaction with end-user, the electricity price does not reflect the external characteristic of the RE and cannot embody the real relationship of power supply and consumption. The effect of increasing the consumption of intermittent RE is limited. This paper firstly innovatively proposes a low carbon-based real-time electricity pricing mechanism (LCEP) that effectively reflects the external characteristics of RE. Then, the flexibility of the demand side resource is fully exploited, and the LCEP is used as the adjustment lever of energy scheduling. An energy management optimization strategy based on mixed linear integer programming is proposed to integrate all the flexible resources in the home to be intelligent controlled. Through detailed analysis, the effectiveness of the proposed strategy is verified.