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Dense 3D Environment Reconstruction with an RGB-D Camera for Mobile Robot

: Chen, Chih-Hsuan

Volltext (PDF; - Gesamter Tagungsband)

Social Cognitive Robotics in the European Society -SORATES-; Safety Enables Cooperation in Uncertain Robotic Environments -SECURE-:
SSR 2018, International PHD Conference on Safe and Social Robots. Proceedings : 29th-30th September 2018, Madrid
Madrid, 2018
International PhD Conference on Safe and Social Robotics (SSR) <2018, Madrid>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D environment reconstruction; 3D mapping; Care-O-bot®; mobiler Roboter; RGB-D

In this paper, we present an environment reconstruction system to generate an indoor 3D map for mobile robots. Using an RGB-D sensor, the robot doesn’t need the initial odometry. Furthermore, the system can be used for reconstruction of a 3D environment model by manually. We optimize our approach to reach 10Hz for the front-end and 1Hz for the back-end to fulfill the applications for the mobile robot. Our final goal is to develop the 3D SLAM systems which combine the Region Based Convolution Neural Network (MASK R-CNN) for creating a 2D semantic image and a 3D semantic map. The experimental results demonstrate some preliminary results for 3D reconstruction with an RGB-D camera for creating the point cloud map and the OctoMap for the mobile robot (Care-O-bot 4) in an indoor environment.