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Systematic design of microscope objectives. Pt.III: Miscellaneous design principles and system synthesis

Systematic design of microscope objectives. Part I/II/III
: Zhang, Y.; Gross, H.

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Advanced Optical Technologies 8 (2019), Nr.5, S.385-402
ISSN: 2192-8584
ISSN: 2192-8576
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In this paper, the lens modules used in the Zones 1–4 microscope objectives, which have been summarised in Part II, are utilised to create new structures. Both the modification of available systems and the synthesis of new system structures from basic building blocks are introduced. Moreover, design principles used under four special cases are introduced in this paper, including very-low-magnification Zone 5 objectives, very-high-magnification Zone 6 objectives, objectives with correction function (CORR) and objectives with diffractive optical elements, which were not systematically discussed in Part II. All the definitions and terms are based on the preceding papers.