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Evolution of collective and noncollective structures in ¹²³Xe

: Basu, Anwesha; Singh, A.K.; Nag, S.; Hagemann, G.B.; Sletten, G.; Herskind, B.; Wilson, A.N.; Rogers, J.; Ragnarsson, I.; Hübel, H.; Chmel, Sebastian; Janssens, R.V.F.; Carpenter, M.P.; Khoo, T.L.; Kondev, F.G.; Lauritsen, T.; Zhu, S.; Korichi, A.; Fallon, P.; Nyako, B.M.; Timar, J.


Physical Review. C 101 (2020), Nr.2, Art. 024309, 22 S.
ISSN: 0556-2813
Fraunhofer INT ()

An experiment involving a heavy-ion-induced fusion-evaporation reaction was carried out where high-spin states of ¹²³Xe were populated in the ⁸⁰Se(⁴⁸Ca, 5n)¹²³Xe reaction at 207 MeV beam energy. Gamma-ray coincidence events were recorded with the Gammasphere Ge detector array. The previously known level scheme was confirmed and enhanced with the addition of five new band structures and several interband transitions. Cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky (CNS) calculations were performed and compared with the experimental results in order to assign configurations to the bands.