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Precise temperature calibration for laser heat treatment

: Seifert, M.; Anhalt, K.; Baltruschat, C.; Bonss, S.; Brenner, B.

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Journal of sensors and sensor systems : JSSS 3 (2014), Nr.1, S.47-54
ISSN: 2194-8771
ISSN: 2194-878X
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A new induction-heated fixed-point device was developed for calibration of temperature measurement devices typically used in laser heat treatment for the temperature range 1000–1500 °C. To define the requirements for the calibration method, selected measurement setups were compared as well as process data and results of industrial processes were analyzed. Computer simulation with finite element method (FEM) and finite difference method (FDM) was used to optimize the system components and processing parameters of the induction heating of fixed-point cells. The prototype of the fixed-point device was tested successfully, and the first measuring results are presented here. The new calibration method is expected to improve the quality and reproducibility of industrial heat treatment processes with temperature control.