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Application of the FAIR facility to space radiation research

Final report - executive summary
: Metzger, Stefan; Durante, Marco; Trautmann, Christina; Kausch, Corinna; Tessa, Chiara la; Pleskac, Radek; Severin, Daniel; Tomut, Marilena
: Höffgen, Stefan

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Euskirchen, 2016, 8 S.
European Space Agency ESA
Application of the FAIR facility to space radiation research
Bericht, Elektronische Publikation
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The radiation environment in space has severely adverse effects on humans, electronics and materials. The most challenging part of the environment for our understanding of the effects are the highly charged highly energetic (HZE) particles. This study looks at the possibilities FAIR offers for space radiation research. There are two main parts: first the open issues and needed research in space radiation involving heavy ions of high energy and second the requirements a facility for this research should meet checked against the possibilities at FAIR.