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A Study in Options to Improve Aerodynamic Profile of Heavy-Duty Vehicles in Europe

: Hariram, Adithya; Koch, Thorsten; Mårdberg, Björn; Kyncl, Jan

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Sustainability 11 (2019), Nr.19, Art. 5519, 23 S.
ISSN: 2071-1050
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automotive application; drag reduction; Market research

In this paper, we present and discuss different aerodynamic solutions available for European tractor and semi-trailers configurations along with summarizing their impact on the aerodynamic drag that contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption. Combinations of different aerodynamic solutions have been presented, and conclusions have been drawn from comparative studies and experience of the participating partners of Project TRANSFORMERS, but no CFD simulations have been done for the same solutions. The paper concludes by proposing configurations of aerodynamic measures for various configurations and how they can be cost-effectively adapted to improve the efficiency in road freight logistics networks and reduce emission.