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Tuning characteristics of InAsSb continuous-wave lasers

: Sherstnev, V.; Krier, A.; Popov, A.; Werle, P.


Applied Physics Letters 80 (2002), Nr.20, S.3676-3678
ISSN: 0003-6951
ISSN: 1077-3118
Fraunhofer IFU; 2002 in Helmholtz-Gesellschaft integriert

We present a detailed analysis of the tuning characteristics of InAsSb continuous-wave (cw) single-frequency lasers emitting at 3.3 µm (3050 cm–1). The lasers demonstrate a tuning range of –7.5 cm–1 by changing the current and –3.5 cm–1 by changing the heat sink temperature without mode hopping. The tuning rates are of –0.015 to –0.089 cm–1/mA and –0.11 to 0.27 cm–1/K. The laser tunes to the blue side both with increasing injection current and heat sink temperature. The extended tuning is attributed to the carrier heating effect in the cw operation and the band-filling effect in the presence of strong losses.