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Beurteilung der Belastung von Aufenthaltsräumen mit Pentachlorphenol anhand der PCP-Richtlinie

: Salthammer, T.

Umweltmedizin in Forschung und Praxis 6 (2001), Nr.2, S.79-85
ISSN: 1430-8681
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Hausstaub; Holz; PCP-Richtlinie; Pentachlorphenol; Raumluft; Sanierung; house dust; indoor air; sanitation; wood

Evaluation of the pentachlorophenol loading of dwelling rooms according to the PCP guideline. Living spaces where building products were treated with wood preservatives containing pentachlorophenol (PCP) require an evaluation regarding the health risk of the residents as well as a determination of the sanitation demand. In this respect, in 1997 the so-called "PCP guideline" was elaborated as technical rule according to the knowledge of science and technique. The PCP guideline proposes a defined scheduling and sequencing comprising amongst others chemical analysis of the indoor dust, of the wooden surfaces and of the indoor air regarding PCP. Meanwhile there exist clearly improved analysis methods as well as a multitude of measuring data and the corresponding statistical evaluation enlarging the possibilities of evaluation of interiors with PCP sources regarding the exposure of the residents and sanitation measures. Special consideration has to be given to the analysis of the very heterogeneous matrix indoor dust since the result depends considerably on the investigated dust fraction. Therefore, it is suggested to investigate only defined fractions of organic fine dust regarding their PCP content. But also for wood and indoor air measurements in the sense of comparable and reproducible results defined sampling and analysis methods have to be established.