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Applications of FT Raman spectroscopy and micro spectroscopy characterizing cellulose and cellulosic biomaterials

: Fischer, S.; Schenzel, K.; Fischer, K.; Diepenbrock, W.


Macromolecular symposia 223 (2005), Nr.1, Special Issue: Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives, S.41-56
ISSN: 0258-0322
ISSN: 1022-1360
Fraunhofer IAP ()

FT Raman spectroscopy and micro spectroscopy were used for the investigation of cellulose, cellulose derivatives and cellulosic plant fibres. Lattice structures of cellulose, polymorphic modifications I and II, as well as amorphous structure, were clearly identified by means of FT Raman vibrational spectra. Chemometric models were developed utilizing univariate calibration as well as methods of multivariate data analyses of FT Raman spectral data for the fast prediction of cellulose properties. Cellulose properties like the degree of crystallinity Xc(Raman) the degree of substitution DScmc, DSAC and cellulose-reactivity were determined. In situ/ in vivo FT Raman micro spectroscopy was used for the characterization of cellulose structures of flax and hemp fibres. Orientational and stress dependent FT Raman experiments were carried out.