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The biological transformation of industrial manufacturing - Technologies, status and scenarios for a sustainable future of the German manufacturing industry

: Miehe, Robert; Bauernhansl, Thomas; Beckett, Marc; Brecher, Christian; Demmer, Axel; Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Elfert, Patrick; Full, Johannes; Hellmich, Arvid; Hinxlage, Julian; Horbelt, Jessica; Jutz, G.; Krieg, S.; Maufroy, Christophe; Noack, Marian; Sauer, Alexander; Schließmann, Ursula; Scholz, Paul; Schwarz, Oliver; Ten Hompel, Michael; Wrycza, Philipp; Wolperdinger, Markus

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Erstellt am: 20.2.2020

Journal of manufacturing systems 54 (2020), S.50-61
ISSN: 0278-6125
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sustainability; digitization; biotechnology; Biological transformation; Biointelligent manufacturing; Biointelligenz; biologische Transformation; Biotechnologie; Deutschland; Digitalisierung; Fertigung; Nachhaltigkeit; sustainable industrial production

The German manufacturing industry is forced to evolve its processes, techniques, and organizations due to increasing global competition and progressive sustainability requirements. In this context, the soaring possibilities of bio- and information technology have recently let few authors develop the vision of a biological transformation of manufacturing, a concept that to date has been barely concrete to politicians, scientists, and managers. In this paper, we present results of the first systematic assessment of the biological transformation of the German manufacturing industry. We chose a combination of the Delphi method and scenario planning in order to assess key technologies, determine the status quo of Germany and provide a forecast of potential developments. Thereupon, we identify ten fields of action for setting the course for a sustainable industrial value creation. We conclude with a summary and recommendations for decision makers in politics, industries and research.