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Ballistic impact on fired clay masonry bricks

: Sauer, Christoph; Heine, Andreas; Bagusat, Frank; Riedel, Werner


International journal of protective structures 11 (2020), Nr.3, S.304-318
ISSN: 2041-4196
Fraunhofer EMI ()
fired clay brick; shock response; impact experiments; hydrocode simulations; Riedel-Hiermaier-Thoma model

We perform an experimental and numerical study of ballistic impact on the German fired clay brick materialVMz28. Parameters for the concrete material model applied in hydrocode simulations stem from material characterization experiments, especially planar plate impact experiments, engineering assumptions, and parameter studies. The performance of the numerical model is illustrated by a comparison of its results to ballistic data on penetration and perforation of spherical steel projectiles. Agreement is found between experiment and simulation for residual velocities and penetration depths. The experimental damage patterns are reproduced in the simulation with sufficient agreement. The application of the model to the impact of another differently shaped generic projectile reveals good predictive capabilities in a part of the impact velocity range. For the deviation found in the other part, limitations of the model concerning the full reproduction of the observed spall failure are discussed as a possible explanation. Overall, with moderate experimental effort, a numerical model with reasonably good predictive capabilities is obtained for engineering purposes.