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Hybrid fabrics for use in bio-based composites and their applications

: Winkelmann, Jana; Shamsuyeva, Madina; Endres, Hans-Josef

Fangueiro, Raul (HerausgeberIn) ; Univ. of Minho:
ICNF 2019, 4th International Conference on Natural Fibers 2019. Smart Sustainable Solutions. Book of Abstracts : 1. 2. 3. July 2019, Porto, Portugal
Guimarães: TecMinho, 2019
ISBN: 978-972-8600-30-3
ISBN: 972-8600-30-5
International Conference on Natural Fibers (ICNF) <4, 2019, Porto>
Fraunhofer WKI ()

This research study investigates the mechanical properties of new hybrid composites for lightweight applications, which include high content of components based on renewable feedstock. In comparison to many other hybrid composite materials, this is the combination of conventional reinforcing fibers with natural fibers. A bio-based hybrid (bio-hybrid) weaved textiles are manufactured via double-rapier weaving machine with Jacquard attachment using a combination of flax with glass or with carbon fibers in one textile. The properties of bio-hybrid textiles are studied as in comparison with flax textiles. The composites are manufactured by embedding the fabrics in a bio-based epoxy matrix and analysed with regard to their bending stress. It has been shown, that bio-hybrid composites are achieving very promising reproducible results regarding their mechanical properties. Bio-hybrid weave composing of the carbon-/flax fabric offers composites with a bending strength, which is more than twice as higher as the corresponding composites consisting of flax-reinforced epoxy. Furthermore, introduction of synthetic fibers as weft yarn enables manufacture of bio-hybrid composites with isotropic mechanical performance. These results show that the weaving technique makes it possible to optimize the mechanical performance of bio-based composites with a minimal sacrifice of an overall mass content of bio-based components. Thus enabling significant broadening of the application fields of natural fibers and their composites.