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Pressureless sintering and properties of boron carbide composite materials

: Martin, Hans-Peter; Feng, Bing; Michaelis, Alexander

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International journal of applied ceramic technology 17 (2020), Nr.2, S.407-412
ISSN: 1546-542X
ISSN: 1744-7402
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft FhG
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boron carbide; tantalum boride; pressureless sintering; electrical conductivity

Boron carbide and Tantalum boride composites were prepared by pressureless sintering of B4C with addition of TaC powder. The effect of TaC addition on the sinterability of boron carbide was studied. High densified ceramic with a relative density of 98.7% was obtained at sintering temperature of 2250°C. The composition and the microstructure of the dense composites are characterized by means of x-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDX). The studies show that the composites contain boron carbide, TaB2, and carbon phases with a homogeneous structure. In addition, the correlation between the composition and the electrical conductivity was investigated. The electrical conductivity of the composite increased with increasing addition of TaC, and a change in conduction behavior from semiconducting to metallic was observed. High hardness value of 28.49 ± 1.33 GPa was obtained by the sample with 30 wt% TaC addition.