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D5.2 Stress-test and evaluation framework

: Szőkéné Peliká, Margit; Székely, Zoltán; Macsári, István; Jambrik, Rudolf; Sanne, Johan; Rahmberg, Magnus; Matschke Ekholm, Hanna; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Choudhary, Amrita; Caillard, Bastien; Klimek, Peter; Roque, Ruben; Knape, Thomas; Desmond, Gerard; Jovanovic, Milos; Lang, Mary-Ellen; Campbel, Kimberley; Young, Paul; Bezrukov, Dmitrij; Nikolic, Mirjana; Blazevic, Dragana; Auerkari, Pertti; Koivisto, Raija; Molarius, Riitta; Árvai, László; Perényi, Dénes; Csapó, Gábor

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Erstellt am: 7.12.2019

Budapest, 2018, 110 S.
European Commission EC
H2020-Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens; 700621; SmartResilience
Smart Resilience Indicators for Smart Critical Infrastructures
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This report describes the stress-test and evaluation framework to be used by the case studies in tasks 5.3-5.11. It describes how to stress-test the Smart Critical Infrastructures (SCIs), and how to evaluate the results. It introduces the resilience-based approach to stress-testing, and gives a step-by-step description of the stress-test methodology, which is developed in T3.3. The methodology is accompanied with support tools in the database, foremost the creation and use of dynamic checklists (DCLs). A DCL procedure is provided in the report. Each of the nine case studies – ALPHA to INDIA – in tasks 5.3-5.11 have provided one or more specific stress-test scenarios, which will be carried out as an event (workshop, table top simulation, game, or drill), covering one or more of the most relevant type of threats for these smart critical infrastructures (SCIs). Required functionalities and corresponding thresholds (minimum functionality) have been determined in this stress-test framework report – prior to performing the stress-tests. Thus, after conducting the stress-tests, it can be evaluated whether the thresholds or limits have been exceeded or not, i.e. whether the SCIs have failed or passed the stress-tests. The evaluation is documented in the evaluation report, for which a format is provided in this report. This includes an evaluation/feedback on the stress-test methodology and the corresponding support tools.