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Automated Framework Based on Supply Chain Events

: Bauer, Dennis; Schlereth, Andreas; Maier, Florian; Ponsignon, Thomas; Bernd, Waschneck

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Villach, 2019
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framework; Lieferkette; Statistical process control; Statistische Prozesskontrolle; Halbleiterfertigung; Produktionsmanagement

We present in this chapter an automated framework for linking supply chain events to production management. Thereby, the challenge of acting more flexibly in volatile markets for manufacturing companies is addressed. While events in the supply chain are detected using statistical process control (SPC) in the proposed framework, the control loop to production is closed using ideas inspired from run-to-run control. The framework is expected to offer a higher level of flexibility with respect to demand changes. This results in increased on-time delivery for customers. While the semiconductor industry faces the challenge of volatile markets, long cycle times and short product life cycles, systems for demand planning and production management are nowadays decoupled. Therefore, the proposed framework supports semiconductor manufacturing in linking demand planning with production management.